urban vigilante, the dauntless


He’s not particularly distinguishable, he has brown hair and brown eyes, stands at 5’9", and weighs in somewhere in the ballpark of 180lbs. His weapon of choice is the two handed great sword he wears on his back, although he also carries several other blades and a mighty shortbow.


Ser has been in Everlund for a number of years. Nobody’s quite sure how long he’s been around, but as time went on a pattern was noticed of evil being vanquished and they were able to link it to this one man. Ser

He is dedicated to the destruction of evil in this city he calls home, and in the surrounding areas. Fighting evil is not without its dangers, and he is constantly seeking allies who can assist him in his journey, even if they don’t have the same ends in mind. It’s also not cheap, and he views adventuring as a means of supporting his goals. He has a fairly thick skin, and has had long practice of discerning those who are evil from those who are merely foolish. Not that he’s above rebuking foolishness thought.


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