Jaxon Arroway, a.k.a. Jax the Lucky, Jax the Cat; alias, Barn the Spoon

Human Fighter/Rogue


Jaxon is a twenty-five year old human, not quite six feet and just over thirteen stone. He has dark brown hair, one blue eye and one grey, and the look of one who has spent a great deal of time in the sun and wind. Hidden under his ragged traveler’s cloak, he wears leather armor and carries a rapier at his hip.


Abandoned as an infant, Jaxon was found one morning on the steps of the temple of Tymora at Raven’s Bluff in the Vast. Raised there by the priests, he learned to respect the deity Lady Luck, as well as how to carve wooden spoons by the kindly acolyte Rutger.

When Jaxon was ten, the temple was visited by that infamous privateer of the Sea of Fallen Stars, Jonas Arroway. He took an interest in Jaxon and arranged with the priests to take him on as his cabin boy. Under Jonas’s tutelage, Jaxon learned the merchant’s trade, as well as the basics of piracy, smuggling, backstabbing, double-dealing, and seventeen ways to charm women.

After his coming of age, and with Jonas’s blessing, Jaxon set out on his own with a small crew and a swift ship. He had a few successes, several near misses, and one catastrophe: In Sembia, a wealthy noblewoman objected to her daughter’s arranged marriage and hired Jaxon to smuggle her out of Selgaunt. Once at sea and out of danger, Jaxon charmed the young woman into his cabin. One of his treacherous crew overheard their tristing and got word back to the noblewoman. Predictably enraged, She promptly placed a price on Jaxon’s head.

With bounty hunters harrying him at every port across the Sea of Fallen Stars, Jaxon assumed the alias of Barn, a simple spoon carver, and made his way across Faerun — far enough, he hoped, to make the expense of reaching him not worth the bounty hunters’ efforts. One day, carving spoons on the street in Waterdeep, he heard of the Silvery Marches and their promise of adventure and made his way north.

Jaxon Arroway, a.k.a. Jax the Lucky, Jax the Cat; alias, Barn the Spoon

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