Strongheart Halfling Fighter/Spellthief


Fighter 2 / Spellthief 2

Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting/Point Blank Shot/Precise Shot/Dodge/Deadeye Shot

Equipment: Sports a leather duster that, when opened, reveals sturdy leather armor with dagger holsters built in to the ribs. Pizan also carries a nice assortment of potions, which he tends to use liberally.

Skills: A respectfully skilled weaponsmith. Due to his size he is naturally dextrous, silent, and hard to spot. Spending time in the magical Anauroch Desert has forced him to become better at identifying enemy magic, and disabling magical traps.

Attributes: While Pizan has an athletic physique, and debonair demeanor he often fails to exercise wisdom due to his age. He is intelligent and quick-witted; however, he sometimes acts with little foresight, and can be quick to trust (especially celebrities).


Approaching adulthood at 19 years of age; Pizan sports medium length slicked back black hair along with a formidable mustache uncommon to his folk.

Growing up in the modest village of Corm Orp in the Western Heartlands, Pizan and his older brother Rio were the son’s of a Blacksmith. When his father would travel to sell his wares, Pizan and Rio tagged along becoming allured by traveler’s tale’s of magic and mystery in Faerun; especially the hidden cities of Anauroch.

Rio decided he wanted to set out to live in the the life of an adventurer, and experience the tale’s first hand. Pizan, being young, impressionable, and infatuated with magical items followed his brother to the great Anauroch Desert. Barely surviving the trials of the desert, it’s weather and inhabitants, Rio and Pizan joined up with a Bandit group.

Always the agile and unafraid Strongheart his father taught him to be, Pizan excelled at evading the blows of enemies and always finding his mark with a throwing dagger. After a few trying encounters attempting raids on the magically infused Shade, Pizan began to pick up on the ability to evade and even acquire the spells of his enemies.

After a particularly lucrative raid, the Bandit group, with aid of Pizan, found a particularly powerful magical dagger. Feeling as if this dagger was his and his alone he silently made off with the dagger in the night. The next morning the group realized what had happened and all eyes pointed to Pizan. He insisted he had nothing to do with the daggers disappearance, and even told his brother (not wanting to wrap him up in the drama, and also to guard against potential “questioning” from the Bandits) he hadn’t stolen the dagger. As tensions escalated Rio and Pizan rode out to evade threats Pizan’s life. After days of running, Rio decided he should go speak to the group perhaps to cool the tensions. Agreeing to meet in Everlund, Pizan agreed and hid the sword along the way; not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention in case the Bandit’s had spies.

Now in Everlund, Pizan began apprenticing as a weaponsmith under Waldak Halklight, a trade he takes to quite naturally from his father. He is unsure of the fate of his brother, and decides to take on some contracts hoping to run into his brother someday.


Crafting and honing Weapons

Tales of forgotten powerful magic weapons

Throwing competitions

Outmaneuvering foes; especially loudmouths


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