Sindyl Omoghael

Everlund city council member


Female half-elf.

Famous mistral in Everlund and now in her second term as speaker of the town.

She has had a long career as a successful singer songwriter as well as a maker of musical instruments. She began her career experimenting with different types of music until she matured into finding her voice and building a new instrument she called the keys. Since then she has been immensely popular locally and in many other cities of the silver marches.

Traveling and doing shows she say the importance of a peaceful land to protect people from people the wild lands that still exist. She got into politics to ensure a safe and peaceful region. She supports the arts in the city as well as promoting the services of adventuring parties and mercenaries. She was the main person behind the building of the new stadium outside of the city.


Sindyl Omoghael

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