The Silver Marches

Adventure #8
Adventure #7

The party talks to the driver and convinces him to take them to the drug production place.

They arrive and start cleaning the cave out of the drug makers, however, they decide to make a run for it and in the process release a dragon that they had trapped down deep in the cavern. They did manage to kill off the dragon. Meriac left and tracked down the fleeing druggers and killed the two guards but captured two halflings.

adventure #6

After spending some time in Everlund, you guys have an opportunity to travel out of the city again on a little mission. You guys spent your time in town working on some interesting things.

Meriac continues to make his shop more prosperous and even did a stake out at a rival’s shop to find some weaknesses of his competition.

Jackson worked on some spoons, but was looking for fellow followers of Tymora. He then decided to pursue the construction of a shrine or temple to Tymora.

Ser continues to look for some evil-doers in the city through the streets, with little luck. Is the city that straight edge or are all the shady deals and shady characters hidden somewhere?

Paul introduced you to a new party member, however, he also introduced you to a little too much of his personal life and got you in mess with his son.

Your bard seems to come and go, but it sounds like he may be around more often in the future.

Pizan on the other hand, seems to have really taken to his work and hasn’t been around lately.

As we left it last time you guys were once again meeting in Paul’s office. He had told you to come by this afternoon to meet with someone for another job. When you arrive, you meet a man named Kregian. He introduces himself as a farmer who owns several farms and hires people to run his farms. His son has been running one property to the south on the edge of the high forest. However, he has not heard from him or received planned harvests. There should have been a sweet corn and a summer cabbage harvest that never came up to Everlund. He said he sent an individual employed by him down down to see what happened, but he never returned. He would like your help investigating what is going on.

He said his son had insisted in trying some new things this year, like winter squash and some new ideas of growing this season. He is worried they are not working out and he is embarrassed or something tragic happened. He said that ultimately he’d like to know that his son is still alive. If his son is just screwing around, he’d like to know that as well.

He is not sure what to offer you for compensation at the moment. He has some ideas, but he will have to wait till he finds out what happened. Paul, did make sure he guarantees at least 500 gold compensation.

The farm is a good days ride from town so Paul and Kregian suggest you leave in the morning on horse.

You can choose to not agree to this mission, but if you, we’ll start the following morning. You can discuss if you are up for it, if you don’t want to go then you can start the following day in town going about your normal business.

Either way, let me know if there is anything in town you’d like to do the remainder of the day.

Adventure #2

Aside from Jaxson’s rather interesting antics the party had been on a rather uneventful trip down to Yartar to serve as guards for a caravan. However, half way between olostin’s hold and halling horns the examplars encountered another caravan under attack by some bandits. The exemplars handled the bandits with ease and even produced some exciting acrobatics, again provided by jaxson. Now the party must deal with a prisoner, two dead bandits, and possibly helping out this other caravan get back on the road.

We will see you all on the 29th of September.

Adventure #1
The first annual adventurer's gala

We begin the night as you enter the stadium looking for your seats for the gala.

Intro and getting ready for a gala

After some random meetings with each other and deciding the 6 of you would like to for an adventuring party you enlisted Paul Goodfellow to represent you. He put in the proper paper work and dues with the adventurer’s guild and you became official.

After filing your acceptance papers from the guild Paul address you by saying, “Not any group of rag tag individuals can join together to become adventurers, but I think the 6 of you have what it takes to become great in this town. Therefore, Goodfellow and associates would like to represent you as adventurers. I hope this to be a mutually beneficial agreement and you find my services most exceptional”.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until another 10-day that Paul was able to find any sort of adventuring type work for you. After contacting all of you to come into his office he lays out the adventure. Ruby Gernuble, who recently took over operations of her family’s stone carving and mining business, needed some help dealing with some troublesome orcs at one of her mines. You set out and dealt with the orcs and returned to Paul with the good news of returning the mine to safety.

After a couple of days, Paul invites everyone back into his office and although he says he doesn’t have another adventure yet, he has something that he thinks is much more exciting. He explains, “Since you guys are so new I was having trouble acquiring tickets for you, but I’m sure you’ve heard about the first annual adventurer’s gala being held at the new stadium in 7 days. Well, I pulled some strings and you guys are going! I have a table for all of you. They aren’t the best seats, but at least you’ll be there with all the other big names in town. There will be the entire council, some prominent noble families and guild masters, all the big adventuring groups, and lots of great food from the sound of it. I was able to get a seat at a table with Halflar, one of the big land owners and who has some sway in the agricultural guild. This could be a big night for all of us. There is one thing I need from you guys, the adventuring guild need a name for your group before the event. So get to work on it, let me know what it is, and I’ll meet you outside the stadium in 7 days”.

Day 1
first encounters

A giant slug sneaks up behind pizazz. oh no! look out! it’s going to get you! verrrryyy slowwwwlllly

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