Pizan's Brother 3rd Level Bard


Coming from the small town of Corm Orp with his brother Pizan, Rio is an enthusiastic and charming young bard. While only a few years older than Pizan at age 24, Rio oftentimes exercises the same lack of wisdom that his brother does. He is young and adventurous, though he lacks the same intellect of his brother.

After running from Corm Orp following his beloved tales of the lost cities of the Anauroch; Rio has a bit begrudgingly found it necessary to be part of a group of people who are no strangers to combat.

When his brother was accused of theft, and was assured by Pizan of his innocence he figured he could cool the tensions within the group given some time. They agreed to meet in Everlund, if ever. Rio thinks himself quite silver tongued, though his inexperience may have put him in a difficult situation with the Bandits. He would rather return to his brother and continue adventuring together, but he also doesn’t want a well-armed Bandit group out hunting them.

Rio decided that when the bandits are no longer concerned with his brother and the missing dagger (As far as he is aware) then he would leave them in search of his brother. It is possible that Rio could be convinced to stay with the group if they began searching out the lore of the Anauroch Desert; however, if the group stays complacent in the mountain passes around the Desert, he would be more prone to removing himself from the group.


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