Basic rules and new ideas for this campaign

Welcome to my new campaign based in Everlund and the Silvery Marches. Read below for important character creation information and different some concepts and ideas I’ll be incorporating into this campaign.

Building your character

To begin our campaign, you will need to design your character having lived in Everlund for at least a few months. This will ensure your character knows all the information I am providing you to at the beginning of the campaign. You should also make it one of your character’s intentions to reside in Everlund for the foreseeable future. My goal is to create a campaign that gives you freedom to do what you want and to express your character’s dreams, however, I want to encourage you to make characters what call this city their home. You will go on adventures in a out of the city, some you may be traveling quite a distance, however, Everlund will be your home base. My hope is that you will be able to interact and develop relationships with NPCs in Everlund on a regular basis, possibly own a home and/or a business, or make other types of investments in the place you call home.

Another thing to consider is that instead of our first session being when your character’s meet for the first time, I will assume that your characters will have gone on at least one adventure prior. You can work it out between yourselves how long you would have liked to have known each other.

New Concepts

Early on in an adventurer’s career here in Everlund each adventuring group must have an agent to get anywhere. In the Silvery Marches there are many dangers and a huge wilderness, which makes for many adventurers like yourselves. In general, an agent represents them and through their connections with the lords and lore they find adventures for those they represent. As an adventuring group gains more prestige in the city, a lord or a wealthy family may exclusively use that group, which can have serious financial benefits. It will be to your benefit to use your agent to find adventures, gain notoriety, and win the favor of the public and the nobility. This does not mean you won’t come across something that sparked your interest from a previous adventure or something you heard in the tavern that you will want to investigate on your own. However, before you can achieve a higher status as an adventuring group the majority of your adventures will be gained through your agent.

Another new concept I will use in this campaign, will be that there will be time in between adventures when no new opportunities come up for days or months. I will use that time for new events to happen in the city and region and for your characters to take part in different activities in the city. As I mentioned before, you could have a family, purchase a retail shop, have a profession (farmer? blacksmith?), whatever you’d like. However, without much notice you may need to go on an adventure that would require you to leave for an unknown amount of time.

This isn’t a new concept, but something to consider before we begin. There are consequences for your actions and I will not hesitate to kill you. I have not done this much in any of our campaigns, but I try to play more realistic.. I will play your foes as their combat description describes and I won’t hold back if it looks like it will be tough. That being said, you should also be aware that there may be times you will need to cut and run. You should also not take on every enemy you may encounter in the wilderness. If you happen upon a creature in the wild, analyze your opponent and judge if it will be a fair fight, if you see them first. I hope you don’t get the impression that I want to kill your characters. I know it is not fun to lose a loved character. I am just hoping to make a more realistic game.

Basic rules and new ideas for this campaign

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